Sunday, September 7, 2014

40K EYECANDY: More Chaos! Juggernaut Khorne Lord and other Khorne Goodness.



My new army if getting closer to the finish line.

It's getting there. I can finally see the finish line after about four months and an aborted Flying Circus army (7th happened). While my new Chaos army isn't super competitive (lots of Khorne you see) it is my kind of army to play. And when you are playing the kind of army you enjoy one tends to have boat loads more fun than just playing those lists with the most competitive units you can find.

To see my army list click here but it has changed some, no more Skarbrand. Mr. Red and Angry got swapped out, along with the bloodletters and some sundry things, for Be'lakor. My army just feels and plays better with his added psychic hijnks.

Now on to the Eyecandy.

Behold! Awesome Chaos painted by Goatboy!

The first of three Khorny Maulerfiends.
These Guys have to be my second favorite Chaos model.

The first of two Juggernaut Lords.
It has a bit of a conversion with a khorne icon behind the head as a 'halo'.
This pic shows the magnetized arms for the Axe of Blind Fury.

The same JuggerLord but with Powerfist/L Claw arms.
Juggernaut Lords are my favorite Chaos model, I guess we all have our personal favorites.

And Chaos Models painted by me.

The Apostles of Murder
Chaos Cultists of Khorne
Chaos Spawn a la Red and Angry

The same Spawn, close up.

Red, red everywhere! Red is my favorite color and so I love painting with it. All the more reason why I've always wanted to put together a Khorne themed army.


Maulerfiend 2 (Goatboy)
Maulerfiend 3 (Goatboy)
JuggerLord 2 (Goatboy)
Be'lakor (Goatboy)
10 Chaos Cultists (me) - 4 done already
5 Chaos Spawn (me) - 3 done already
17 Khorne Dawgs (me)

Geez, I better get on those Dawgs. I got The Redstone Rumble in just one month! I'm using this method here, same models, and it looks quick.


  1. Really love the khorne guys. I'm hoping to utilize some of them in an ork themed daemon summoning army :).

  2. Ork tide plus summoning daemons, man that is going to be nuts!

    1. Haha, it's not that crazy. It's a walker theme'd list, with three weirdboyz trying to kill themselves to turn into blood thirsters. More fun then anything else. I've got three deff dreads in the list. Least competitive army ever :).

  3. I completely agree with you about playing lists and armies you enjoy regardless of its competitive nature. So much more rewarding.

    How do you find the list fares overall with a distinct lack of ranged fire support? I've gone that route as well but it never panned out all that great for me.

    1. I've had about 6 practice games so far and I'm frankly shocked at how luke-warn my list does against other assault armies (played 5 so far). I'm not blaming it all on the codex, I'm not the best player. One thing I'm realizing is how fickle this list is. My Khorne dawgs are pivotal and if they don't do well it's an uphill battle. Same with Belakor, if his Invisibility and Shrouding doesn't cast as planned it can torpedo a big combat for me. My Spawn and Lords never seem to last more than 3 to 4 rounds without support form dawgs or Belakor. It's turning out to be more of a finesse list I think. And uh, fire support, what's that? Hah. I don't like any of the fire support options for CSM, maybe it is just me? I need more practice - lots!