Friday, September 26, 2014

40K EVENTS: The Redstone Rumble Pre-Report and List




The Redstone Rumble is just 1 week away in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama. This annual event is being put together by the folks from The Rocket City Gamers and headed up by Jeff Weibelt. These folks do an amazing job and I believe they are expecting their biggest attendance yet this year bringing in gamers from all over the Southeast area to play 40K, Fantasy and other games.

The 40K format this year has changed from the big 2500 point brawls of the past Rumbles and evolved to fit the new Edition and time restraints. It is a 1850 point tournament basically using the Bay Area format although there are some differences like the elimination of Lords of War and all Forgeworld models.

Those of us in South Mississippi Gamers, and our regional friends, are pumped to go again this year. Last year was a roaring success and everyone raved about the easy-going atmosphere and the good times that were had. Indeed, last year Redstone felt not like an actual tournament but more like an enjoyable mini-vacation that involved much good times and playing of 40K.

This year SMG is losing one former Rumble player due to work but we are picking up two extra club members and it will be their first times at the Redstone Rumble. South Mississippi Gamers will be represented by Carl Short (Tau), Anthony Hinkel (orks), Will W. (Daemons), Logan Short (Wolves), Steve Martino (serpent spam) and myself (Chaos). And just like last year, from Florida's TBS Comics our Rumble travel group will be joined by club friend, Carter Leach (Deldar).

The Redstone Rumble brings out a handful of the best regional players, enough to make it very hard to get on those top tables unless you are an excellent player. I don't see myself anywhere near the top tables, if I break the top 50 percent I will be quite happy. Carter Leach, however, is a tremendous competitor. If he can stay away from the booze at The Rumble this year (he was tanked last year) he might actually find himself battling it out on the big boy tables. Steve Martino, on the other hand, is a top notch player but rusty with the game right now. If Steve is on his game at The Rumble he could rock the top tables.

When all is said and done, it is the experience that our club enjoys the most about The Redstone Rumble. If we happen to pick up some prizes along the way, then hey, all the better!

These guyz. >.< These guys like to roll low random attacks for me.
My Redstone Rumble List
Well, if you have been reading any of my blog (anybody?) you will have seen my Redstone list in the article here. The list has evolved 5 times due to playtesting and a general rethinking of play mechanics. Heck, I really don't even recognize the original list anymore! A lot has changed, for starters, the whole Khorne theme is out the window but it is still very much a Khorny army. Instead of trying to explain all the changes (there is a lot) I think it is best to just show you the new list. 

Got my Axe and my mojo back. Yeah baby, yeah!
My Offical

Chaos Space Marines CAD
Chaos Daemons ALLIED 
Juggernaut of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Sigil of Corruption, Melta Bombs, Axe of Blind Fury
Juggernaut of Khorne, Lesser Gift, Locus of Wrath

Chaos Space Marines x5
Chaos Cultists x10
Nurglings x3 (ally)

Chaos Spawn x5, Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Spawn x5
Flesh Hounds of Khorne x19 (ally)

Maulerfiend - lasher tendrils
Maulerfiend - no upgrade
Maulerfiend - no upgrade


The List Overall
I am getting more of a feel for this army and let me tell you this: it is playing less like the cleaver I thought it would be and is playing more like a game of chess to jockey for position to assault. Or at least it feels that way when playing fellow assault themed armies. Not that I am complaining or anything, I am quite pleased that this is not just a brainless hack and slash type of army.

How Do I Think I Will Do?
I have no delusions of grandeur. I have never been a very good tournament player - but I've improved by developing my killer instinct. No longer will I correct my opponent when he does something in my favor such as: makes a rules mistake, forgets something or reads his dice wrong. Yeah, in the past I've been much to friendly for my own good during a tournament.

My primary goal this year is to stay away from the bottom tables where I lived during the last Redstone Rumble. My poor Imperial Guard got gutted, every single opponent had an answer to my gunline. I did manage to win one game so I wasn't a complete loser! Ha. My number one goal this year, besides having fun, is to compete at the middle of the field but if I place in the top 50 percent I will view that as a win!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

40K EYECANDY: More Chaos! Juggernaut Khorne Lord and other Khorne Goodness.



My new army if getting closer to the finish line.

It's getting there. I can finally see the finish line after about four months and an aborted Flying Circus army (7th happened). While my new Chaos army isn't super competitive (lots of Khorne you see) it is my kind of army to play. And when you are playing the kind of army you enjoy one tends to have boat loads more fun than just playing those lists with the most competitive units you can find.

To see my army list click here but it has changed some, no more Skarbrand. Mr. Red and Angry got swapped out, along with the bloodletters and some sundry things, for Be'lakor. My army just feels and plays better with his added psychic hijnks.

Now on to the Eyecandy.

Behold! Awesome Chaos painted by Goatboy!

The first of three Khorny Maulerfiends.
These Guys have to be my second favorite Chaos model.

The first of two Juggernaut Lords.
It has a bit of a conversion with a khorne icon behind the head as a 'halo'.
This pic shows the magnetized arms for the Axe of Blind Fury.

The same JuggerLord but with Powerfist/L Claw arms.
Juggernaut Lords are my favorite Chaos model, I guess we all have our personal favorites.

And Chaos Models painted by me.

The Apostles of Murder
Chaos Cultists of Khorne
Chaos Spawn a la Red and Angry

The same Spawn, close up.

Red, red everywhere! Red is my favorite color and so I love painting with it. All the more reason why I've always wanted to put together a Khorne themed army.


Maulerfiend 2 (Goatboy)
Maulerfiend 3 (Goatboy)
JuggerLord 2 (Goatboy)
Be'lakor (Goatboy)
10 Chaos Cultists (me) - 4 done already
5 Chaos Spawn (me) - 3 done already
17 Khorne Dawgs (me)

Geez, I better get on those Dawgs. I got The Redstone Rumble in just one month! I'm using this method here, same models, and it looks quick.