Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS and A New Hobby Direction

Merry Christmas from Astra Chaos Wolf!

I wish the best holiday wishes to you and yours! As for me, I'm having a fine holiday, Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, must be a holdover from my childhood. Well, Astra Chaos Wolf is now about 5 months old and I have been pleasantly entertained by writing for it. It serves as a creative outlet for me, something that I needed to vent some of  my stored up imagination that has been literally hurting my head from too much backlog. Luck for me I enjoy writing. I use to not be so very good at it, it took years and years of practice. Today, I'm no pro at writing, a mere amateur, but I feel I am decent at the craft.

Monday, December 22, 2014

40K HOBBY PROGRESS: Wolf Scout Sniper Pack - Part I

New Project!
It is time to get working on my Space Wolf Chapter, first up is my Thunderwolf army. If you have read my Wolf Scout Tactia then you might know that I am wanting to include a Sniper Pack as a backfield unit. As I continue to collect the various models for my new army I decided to go ahead and get a start on painting this Holiday. Not only is Christmas my favorite time of year, thus I'm motivated, but my employer (being a university) gives me a 2-3 week vacation break for Christmas - lots of free time to do some hobby progress.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nerfing Invisibility, Is It Good For The Community?

TO's are free to make decisions about how to run their events. They are the ones spending the money and free time to make it happen, so they can do what they want and it is the players whom decide whether to show up or not. So this post is not in any way an attack on event organizers. What I want to do is to continue the discussion about LVO nerfing Invisibility. Discussion is good, it helps to hash out how the community feels and helps to steer towards better informed decisions in the future.

Monday, December 8, 2014

40K TACTICA REVIEW: Chaos Space Marines - Maulerfiend


Chaos Space Marines

Version: 7th edition WH40K. 2012 CSM codex.

After playing a game against Chaos Pat he asked a question that neither of us could immediately put a finger onto an answer. I was intrigued. The question was, "Everyone seems to be using the Maulerfiend again, why are they good now?" The Maulerfiend is one of my favorite models so I was determined to figure out the answer. I knew they were better in 7th and it had to do with an improved ability to survive. Then it hit me, the new vehicle damage table was more favorable to the Maulerfiend because it cuts the chances of being made useless by a penetrating hit in half.

Monday, December 1, 2014

40K TACTICA: Space Wolves - Wolf Scouts




Version: 7th Edition. 2014 Space Wolf Codex

Yeah, those guys. The ones that fell out of favor when 6th hit because they lost the ability to assault on the turn they outflanked. Wolf Scouts may not be considered competitive anymore but they have their uses and are a fun unit to play. Nothing quite keeps your opponent on his toes like when Wolf Scouts are prowling around his flanks searching for the kill!