Saturday, August 8, 2015

40K Rules: ITC Allows Tithe-Summoned Gliding Bloodthirsters

Hells yes.
Just recently Frontline Gaming had their quarterly ITC rules vote where they allow the players to vote for certain rules changes to be implemented or not. Here is the results of the rule that is making Khorne Daemonkin players rejoice:

Question 11

Khorne Daemonkin: Bloodthirster/Daemon Prince summoning, can they choose to swoop or glide when they enter the game from Deep Strike? If they enter the game “flying,” they must wait 2 game turns before they may assault. Allowing them to choose to enter “jumping” means they enter play on the ground, and wait 1 turn to assault.

Note: they must still swoop when entering the game normally from reserves.

And here is the response from Frontline Gaming's Reece about the results:

" This has been a hot button issue, lately and a classic RAW vs. RAI argument (as are all of the remaining issues). I’m happy to see the community choosing to lend a hand to their KDK friends, and go with the RAI interpretation on this one. Again, this to me shows that folks do not vote in their own self interest. Obviously, 66% of all ITC participants are not KDK players, yet that many were willing to vote for a ruling that benefits them. That’s a good thing, IMO, and it means we as a community care more for doing what we think is fair than what may benefit us, personally. KDK players be stoked! In ITC events you can realistically summon your big boys and have then actually participate in the game! "

Get the full article from Frontline Gaming here.

Note: As of writing this article the ITC FAQ has not been officially updated to include the new Bloodthirster summoning rule.

I'm gonna get you sucka'!
What players does it effect?
This effects everybody that plays with the ITC rules/FAQ, and that includes a large amount of players and tournaments. ITC is probably, without much argument, the largest accepted set of standardized tournament rules for 40K players in America. If your local 40K community does not use ITC then I would say to give them a look over, they provide a rock-solid revised rules base that attempts to create a fair and even 7th edition rule set. ITC isn't for everybody, it places limits on list building and nerfs some of the more powerful rules (D weapons and invisibility for example). One of ITC's best features is that they allow the players to vote on rules changes every three months, how cool is that?

Even if you do not use ITC rules you could look at the vote as an indication of how the community generally feels about the issue overall. Granted, not all local metas are going to feel the same but hopefully by seeing this vote result it will help you, and your local community, make a decision on the 'thrister summoning rule if you guys have been on the fence about it.

How does it effect play?
This is a game changer, it makes summoning a Bloodthrister/winged Prince with Blood Tithe a much more palpable option for Khorne players. No longer do you have to wait two turns before the 'thirster/prince can enter assault, but only one! That's huge. Right off the bat a gliding Tithe-summoned 'thrister can immediately be an asset by contesting objectives (since it isn't flying) and can be a huge boon just by forcing your opponent to spend valuable shooting to kill it. Your opponent has exactly one turn to deal with the 'thrister before it starts to touch things and makes them explode!

How does it effect Khorne Daemonkin list building?
With a now immediate effect on the battlefield, the allure of tithe-summoned 'thirsters/winged princes is tempting once again. Khorne players could shift their lists into the direction of farming Blood Tithe so to summon one, two or maybe even three 'thristers in a game and that can be a real game changer. The Blood Host detachment could be given another chance, despite the hated Possessed tax. That Possessed tax may very well be worth the cost of it now as well as the Artefacts; The Blade of Endless Blood and The Axe of Ruin.

Kor'Lath the Axe of Ruin
This artefact has gone from meh to good overnight. The rules for the axe refers to the Blood Tithe table for summoning rules so obviously, an axe summoned 'thrister will be treated as a Tithe-summoned one.

With the immediate threat of a 'thrister attacking only one turn after jumping out of the axe - this artefact should give your opponent pause when dealing with the Lord/Prince wielding it. Think about it, for 50 points your slain HQ transforms into a gliding 'thrister. Next turn it might be down a couple of wounds due to the axe's Caged Fury rule, but still a 'thrister is a demi-god in close combat regardless and he will destroy what he touches. That means your opponent must do his best to deal with the 'thrister so basically he has to deal with TWO HQs, not just one. The amount of diversion this poop-inducing axe born 'thrister can produce is well worth the axe's weight of points (IMHO) because this 'thrister can NOT be ignored for a turn like before.