Thursday, February 5, 2015

40K Rumors: KHORNE Rumors for March!

Source of Rumor: Faeit 212 <--- click for original source article.


I, like many other Chaos players, have resigned myself to the codex we have been handed and continue to fight the good evil fight with what we have been dealt. We players have heard the rumors for years about new Chaos Sourcebooks coming, like for the major God specific Legions and they never came. Then we heard the big rumor about a brand new CSM Codex in 2015 .... to good to be true, right?

Well, color me skeptical but I have been taking all these Chaos rumors with a big grain of salt, sitting quietly and biding my time for something more concrete to come along. Today I might have found it, Faeit 212 is reporting Khorne goodness to hit next month and man, oh man, as a Khorne fan it is so hard not to get excited about it. Faiet 212 is one of the most respected sites for 40K rumors and I'm thinking this rumor may be the real deal.

For those of you whom missed the rumor, here it is.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212

-New Khorne Berzerker Box
-Khorne Berzerker on Moloch Box (Juggernaut)
-Chaos Lord of Khorne Clam Pack

Did I read that right? Khorne Berzerker on Moloch (Juggernaut)? Is that a Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut or a new Khorne unit altogether like Bloodcrushers for Daemons? I want Berzerker Juggernaut cavalry - want it very badly, been wanting for years and years. It will go perfectly with my hard-charging Khorne army. Yes, please!

Only time will tell what these rumors really mean. 
Until then pray to the Blood God that it means good things!

Source of Rumor: Faeit 212 <--- click for original source article.

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