Saturday, May 16, 2015

40K Hobby: Play Test My Scenarios!

Hey everyone, looks like I am planning a 40K Summer League for my club, South Mississippi Gamers, and in doing so I decided to design some unique scenario missions to keep things interesting instead of the normal cut and dry tournament style missions with little variation. I am trying to keep the league feeling as much as a non-tournament as possible in an attempt to keep things relaxing and casual for the non-competitive players.

These scenarios are borrowed from Frontline Gamings ITC missions, you will recognize the mission format if you are familiar with their stuff. Every mission has a Primary mission worth 4 mission points, a Secondary mission of limited maelstrom objectives worth mission 4 points and three Bonus Missions worth 3 points each. The Primary and Secondary missions give you mission points only if you win them, so you get 4 points or none. However, in the League I decided that ties would split the difference and give each player 2 points each.

If you are interested in trying out some new missions please give these a try because I need feedback! Download them and print them out as you like. Let me know what you think good or bad about them. I am especially interested in knowing if these scenarios are too complex or if something is not well defined. I will welcome all critique for about a month, by then the league should be in full swing.

I am new to using Google Drive for the first time so if there is a problem with viewing or downloading the files then please let me know.

Thanks! And go have some fun playing 40K.


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