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40K EVENTS: The Redstone Rumble After Action Report & Pictures




The Redstone Rumble 2014, October the 4th and 5th, where much fun was had, much booze was consumed, much gaming was done, many friends were there and some friends gained. For me, my club and those running the Redstone I think we can declare this year yet another huge success.

Warhammer was in force with Fantasy and 40K players fighting it out over five games during two days. The Fantasy side was actually bigger than the 40K side, good to see that Fantasy has a strong following in some places. On the 40K side we had a field of 48 players, many of them were very good players. Speaking of great players, Shawn Williams and his Space Wolves won the event by a single point with Jeff O'Neal and his Orks coming in second. Each of them finished as the only undefeated players and both are from the same club, Sons of Vulcan. Congratulations, guys. I'm always happy to see Wolves coming in first. The Redstone Rumble results are here with all the results and final scores listed.

The Redstone Rumble 2014 - Day 1 - Game 3 - Hinkel of South Mississippi Gamers
How did we do as a club?
As a club I think South Mississippi Gamers had a great showing. Martino finished with 4 wins and most of the rest of us finished with a 3-2 winning record. The club as a whole went 20 - 15 for a .57 percent win record; throughout most of the tournament SMG was rocking the middle and top tables. The competition was tough and the best players in attendance got the best of us, with some exceptions, so there is lots of room for improvement next year.

How did I do?
I met my goal of finishing in the top 50% for my second ever big event. And boy, oh boy, was it a razor-thin finish, just like all of my wins. I finished exactly at 50%, placing 24th out of 48 competitors. It was a messy winning record of 3-2. I could have just as easily have lost my games than won them, every win came down to the very last round and some luck. Well, a win is a win, right? I don't feel super great about it but I'm happy to have met my goal.

My opponents were all terrific, everyone of them. Thanks to all of them because playing against someone with a bad attitude just sucks all the whole fun out of the game. Two of my opponents, Andrew Gardenhire and Ryan Johnson, placed 6th and 7th respectively, and those were the guys I lost too. Congrats, guys, I was happy to be a part of your victory. 

As a side note, my army came in 4th overall for painting. I didn't get a painting award but it felt great knowing that all the money I put into the army was worthwhile. I have to give credit due where it is due, Goatboy painted all the large models in my army. While I painted all the smaller models, and they looked very good IMO, it was clearly Goatboy's larger models that got all the attention.

Oh, yeah, I did take home the Best Chaos Space Marine Army award. Full disclosure, I was the only CSM player. Hah!

What needs improvement on my part?
I improved my sportsmanship score this year over lasts, it was well above average. I guess when you are having fun it is easy to joke around, be pleasant and too compliment your opponent when it is appropriate. So that is already improved, as well as my paint score as mentioned earlier.

What I did notice in the tournament is that only in one game did I get past turn 4. I can only blame myself and not my opponents because not getting past turn 4 consistently happened. This bothers me. I don't want to be that guy that people think is too slow or even slow-playing on purpose. I'm not sure where the problem is but I need to practice on speeding up my turns. I think I am going to start with some dice discipline. I have to roll a lot of dice to attack at times and I think grabbing for, adding up and rolling all those dice is taking a good chunk of time. Perhaps I will start to use a timer, or death clock, to help me gain some time management skills.

Clubs South Mississippi Gamers & Laughing Corpse.
It's the pictures, dummy.
Well, enough about all that, I'm sure you are more interested in the pictures than the report. Before I go, one last kudos to Jeff and the crew whom made the 3rd Annual Redstone Rumble an amazing event! Case in point (among many), this year everyone participating got some great freebies, 10 Redstone Rumble dice and 5 very nice objective tokens. It's the little things like those that make players feel appreciated and help to build upon a positive tournament experience. Well done Redstone Rumble, well done! South Mississippi Gamers and myself can't wait until next year! Ahhhhh-yeah!

Be'lakor leading the charge.
 Note the Redstone objective token in the middle, freebies!

Andrew Gardenhire's awesomely painted Knight.

My Maulerfiends hiding behind cover because there are Tau over there!

Holding the line against the Matthew Gilliland's Green Tide formation.

And still holding that same line, it was literally a wall of orks and Chaos in the center of the table.

The cat stole my Best Chaos Space Marines award.
Emilou stole it in retaliation for having to put up with a cat sitter for 2 days!


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