Wednesday, March 25, 2015

40K Rumors: Khorne Daemonkin Codex - No Mo' Daemonic Instability!

As the title says, Daemonic Instability may be a thing of the past for the new Khorne Codex - sweet Khorney good times indeed!

Remember this is a rumor, and here is the source from Steve Turner.

As Steve says, JuggerLords would be able to join Daemonic units. Hells yeah. It has been a dream of
mine for years to attach my JuggerLords to Flesh Hound units. That also means Khorne Heralds and Skulltaker could attach to Chaos Spawn, Chaos Marines, Berzerkers or heck, even JuggerLords for a Juggernaut face-punching deathstar party.

Not to mention - no more rolling stupid leadership to see if a daemon unit takes wounds after losing a close combat battle. Ha. Daemon codex players would love to not have to do that.

I'm really looking forward to seeing if this rumor is true. I am already constructing my new tournament list with the leaked info and rumors we have so far.

What are the rumors/leaks that have you pumped up for the Khorne Daemonkin codex?


  1. Assuming, and they damn well better be able to, that we can join CSM to Daemons and vice verse, it would make sense that Daemonic Instability goes away. If it didn't go away, and you could still join up between the codices, would you risk putting your Jugger Lord in a unit with Daemonic Instability and possibly losing him on a bad instability roll? I sure as hell wouldn't risk it. So, I'm inclined to believe this one.

  2. All I know....orks and daemons allies of convience? Maulerfiends...maulerfiends EVERYWHERE.
    Going to take khorne primary, with ork dread mob as my second detachment! YEAAAH!

  3. regular chaos marines from the CSM codex can be joined by demon characters from this codex.... howerver regular demon codex rules still apply to instability. so + 1 for CSM!

    so far one of my fave things is the axe of khorne : S- ap2 beheading weapon that is a new specialist weapon :D its a small thing.. its nice, its fluffy :D

    also : their ally chart is EXACTLY the same as the chaos marine one... so yeah its weird folk find that surprising.