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40K Events - Blind Teammate Tournament at McNarb Gaming and My List

2500 Point Random Teammate 40K Tournament at 

McNarb Gaming on June 21st

As the title says there is an event at my FLGS this Saturday, in fact, it will be the first 7th edition tournament held in our area. Our gaming club, +SMGWargaming , has announced the rules to be 7th edition with no stipulations. Heh, this ought to be interesting. 

I expect to see Imperial Knights, Lords of War and daemon summoning spamming. I'm not so worried about the summoning spam, it seems to be a dud really. But I am not looking forward to playing anyone whom brings that kind of summoning list because it slows down the game and if they are using proxies for summoned daemons it will be confusing as all get up. Do us all a flavor daemon summoning spammers, don't do it during a tournament. Friendly games are a different story and I would be happy to battle you without the time constraints and extra stress of a competitive environment.

Each tournament participant will be bringing a 1250 point list (unbound is legal) and will be randomly paired up with another participant not of their club or home area. So what this means is that we will be partnered up with people we don't know or have any experience playing with. From what I am hearing we will have people playing not only from our club but from +South Alabama War Gamers, people from the Hattiesbug area and maybe some folks from +TBS COMICS in Florida if we are lucky.

I've been playing almost exclusively with Chaos since my last bout of 40K burnout ended earlier this year. My Space Wolf army is still, after 2 years, 95% unpainted. Sigh. But I'm getting super-super-super excited about rumors of a new codex! I was enthusiastic (somewhat) about Astra Militarum when the next codex hit but I don't have any desire to play my Steel Legion army now. For some reason 6th edition has just put a sour taste in my mouth for shooting armies. I just don't like the tediousness of shooting armies. I prefer assault, it plays faster and it's a whole lot more fun - at least I think so.

In preparation for the team tournament I've put together a 1250 Chaos Space Marine list which is actually a cut down version of a 2000 list I had created for an article on the SMG blog. Right now the article has still not been posted but after it is I will place it on my blog. 

Here is a look at my 1250 list and some of it's photos.....

Typhus and his Plague Terminator retinue.


Primary Detachment: Chaos Space Marines

SORCERER - mastery level 3, terminator armor, spell familiar, force axe, combi-melta, melta bombs

Chaos Terminators x3 - mark of Nurgle, power axe x2, chain fist, combi-melta x3

Chaos Cultists Plague Zombies x24

Plague Marines x5 - meltagun x2
-----> Chaos Rhino - combi-melta

Plague Marines x5 - meltagun x2
-----> Chaos Rhino - combi-melta

Chaos Land Raider - dirge caster, dozer blade, extra armor


For 7th edition, and especially in a tournament with no rules or list limits, I want to pack as much melta into my lists as possible so to have a chance against all the vehicles and Lords of War I am expecting to see. Much of this list has been explained in detail in my article and I will get that posted to my blog before too long. For now, I will give a quick summary of the list tactica.

The main strategy of this list is twofold; solid and unwavering troops with both fearless and feel no pain and a big "stomp" unit to threaten (and destroy) the lynch pin enemy units.

The Plague Zombies are tactically flexible, albeit slow, ideally they will sit on an objective in ruins and be a rock-solid anchor for my army. They can also be used as a screen or tarpit as needed. They might be useful for the relic mission as well.

The Plague Marines are the flexible arm of the list, able to do almost anything. They have the melta to deal with armor and they have the staying power to hold objectives. Their rhinos will give them the speed they need to take forward objectives and to attack as needed. They may support the Land Raider if it is threatened by enemy anti-armor units.

The "stomp" unit of Typhus includes a Sorcerer (for buffing himself or Typhus with Biomancy) and 3 chaos terminators. All these have 2+/5++ and T 5 (except the sorcerer). I've got melta, axes and a chainfist to deal with armor and 2 force weapons to slash through enemy units in assault. Typhus is a locomotive as long as he avoids S 10 and force weapons. The Land Raider is kitted out to insure it keeps moving and places the stomp unit where it is needed to assault.

Overall, considering the new meta, I think this list will do OK but not great. I think all that Chaos Space Marines has going for it in 7th is either all out fast assault or full Nurgle. So I will give this a try and see how it goes, list experiments are what we need to be doing right now.

Plague Zombies will eat you.
OK, so they are really Plague Bearers but they proxy close enough as zombies.

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