Friday, June 13, 2014

40K EyeCandy - My First Chaos Daemon Commision Painted By Goatboy

I do paint. I paint fairly well I think - if I take the time to do it right. Problem is that I can take hours just to finish one little model to get it looking the best that I can. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to painting and that is my weakness. When it takes all day to paint up just one Grey Hunter or Chaos Cultist it starts to gets tedious and time consuming. That is time I could be spending playing games, web surfing, creating or writing.

With a regional tournament coming up in October I need to get started now on getting my new tournament army painted up. So after recommendations from Allen and Hinkel (both of +SMGWargaming) I gave Goatboy a shout through email about a commission. Long story short, I am glad I did! I can't say enough good things about +Goatboy Flylord. He answers emails in a day, if not in hours and is happy to chat back and forth about what you want done so that he gets it right the first time. His prices seem reasonable, he gives you three tiers to choose from and even tier one is pretty darned great.

One thing I've learned from reading Goatboy's blogs is that he genuinely enjoys the heck out of painting. So why not give him your commission? It's not like you are burdening him with extra work, he gets paid for doing what he loves and he is a real pro at it!

Here, I will let his work speak for itself. All of these pics were created by Goatboy.

And now, the EyeCandy ......

Tzeentch Demon Prince by Goatboy.
Too bad my Flying Circus tournament list is no good anymore.
Tier 2.

Plague Bearers by Goatboy.
Tier 1.

Portoglyph by Goatboy.
I so want to use this in my new tournament list but don't have the points. :(
Tier 2.

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