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Greetings, my blog name is Uktena (ook-ten-ah) which is Cherokee for 'Horned Serpent'. I suppose I chose that name because I myself am a small part Native American, though not Cherokee but Choctaw. In real life I am a member of South Mississippi Gamers, located guess where? The Gulf Coast of Mississippi. We have a very solid gaming club here thanks in no small part to hard work by SMG founders AArdvaark85 and +SMG Hinkel

McNarbs gaming store is a local shop that opened up in Gautier, MS just two years ago and the owner has been a tremendous help and enthusiastic supporter of not only SMG but all gaming in particular. You know a gaming store is doing something right when every time you walk into the shop to see the spacious open gaming area bustling with gamers of many different types having fun.

I decided to create this blog out of a need to have an outlet to put my ideas and thoughts about my favorite hobby (and Factions) into writing. Recently I wrote a full article for the SMG blog and it reminded me of how much I enjoy to write. This blog will give me an opportunity to do just that. Most posts won't be full articles, in fact a vast majority won't be. When I do write articles they will appear both on the SMG blog and then here right after.

Oh, I guess you might want to know what I am going to blog about in particular. Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet I am a 40K player. I started at the beginning of 4th but didn't really get into it much but I had purchased a nice Steel Legion army. Sadly my army collected dust until about 3 years ago when my Pathfinder friends decided 'Hey, lets all  go crazy and spend lots of money on this hobby called Warhammer 40K'. The rest is history. During these last 3 years I've expanded to three armies; Imperial Guard Astra Militarum, Chaos and Space Wolves. I have no interest in playing any Xenos at all.

As a blog you will get posts about my favorite three factions because they are what I know and follow in the 40K web-universe. Occasionally I may blog about Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder (because new D&D sucks balls) and other things I fanboy about like Star Trek, Doctor Who (classic & new) or Ms. Lindsey Stirling. Hey, it is my blog after all!

The way I am thinking, and it is early still, is that I will be posting under several different label categories. Those categories being: Articles, Tactica, Rumors, Army Lists, Fanfic Stories, Rules, Events, General and Fanboy. Wow, that seems like a lot of label tags when I write it all out. The first five categories will exclusively be about Astra Militarum, Chaos or Space Wolves.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wish me luck.


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