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40K Events - Blind Teammate Tournament at MacNarb Gaming Part II

Blind Teammate Tournament at MacNarb Gaming on June 21st 2014

Part II

The Results

Following a late Friday night after an exciting  Dungeons & Dragons  Pathfinder game I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours afterwards so I only got about 5 hours sleep the night before the Saturday Tournament. I was the last to arrive with only five minutes to spare. Swiftly I paid for my entry and bought a box of Fantasy Skullcrushers because I needed 2 new Juggernaut Lords for my new 7th Edition tournament list. Anyway, that is for a future full article.

We had about 16 people show up, half from +SMGWargaming  and the rest from +South Alabama War Gamers  (SAWG) and TBS Comics in Florida. As the co-T.O. +SMG Hinkel called out the randomly created teams I waited, and waited and waited to hear my name called. Finally, the last team was proclaimed and it was I and Carter from TBS Comics. Carter is a great guy and a great competitor, I got to know him a little when he joined forces with our club for the +Redstone Rumble in Huntsville, AL last year. I couldn't have asked for a better pairing and we couldn't have brought more complimenting lists. His was a fast attacking Dark Eldar army with some gunboat support. My list, the one I talked about in Part I, is an objective controlling list. Perfect! He blitz attacks and I control the objectives while lending support, sounds like a super friends combo.

Game One Deployment - Right before they steal Initiative. Doh!
First Round: vs. Tau Super Heavy and Iron Fist Space Marines. Crusade Mission.

It didn't start out well for us. First off it was Hammer and Anvil deployment and we are facing a Tau Super Heavy (player is Scott from SMG) that throws out 2 double D-blasts a turn. Ack! To make matters worse we lost first turn to a seized initiative. Double Ack! We got shot up first turn before moving out. Carter attacked and I supported, with my Plague Marines heading to the middle objectives and my Land Raider up the middle to support the attack.

Carter's Dark Eldar took a royal beating but the Wyches (headed by Lelith) jumped out of their destroyed vehicles and kept running forward while slaughtering a Space Maine squad and eventually destroying the Super Heavy after after 2 turns of Haywire grenades! But the Super did not die before it blew up my Raider and then my Typhus mini-deathstar with one of those D-blast rolls of 6 (remove model from game). Grrrrr! My Typhus gang did get to mow down one Space Marine squad before blowing up into chunky salsa, so little victories.

Late game both my Plague Marine squads shot at then charged different Space Marine squads advancing on the two middle objectives. They held the enemy up and away from the objectives while some Dark Eldar remnants ran over to sit on the middle objectives and plant our Chaos-Dark Eldar flag.

SMG Scott's Tau Super Heavy.
Game ended with a Team Carter-Uktena win.
Carter-Uktena = 14 (slain warlord, line breaker, 4 objectives (3 VP each) )
Tau-Space Marines = 3 (slain warlord x2, first blood)

Game Two - Notice Chaos Pat's Super Heavy Chaos Hound in the back.
Second Round: vs. Orks and Chaos Super Heavy. The Scouring Mission.
Yet another Super Heavy opponent, I think it was a Chaos War Hound Titan. The Hound's player was Chaos Pat from SMG (he's one of our best players) and he was also rocking 3 Tzeentch Soulgrinders in an Unbound list. The Orks were played by John (also of SMG) and he had two of these dumb looking new fat Ork thingies, Gork and Mork or something like that? He also brought two huge mobs, Flash Gits and two Ork psykers, whatever they are called? Weirdboyz? I don't know Xenos armies very well, I just know they are all sissies.

Team Carter-Uktena got first turn and Carter launched his attack on the right side of the board wiping out a Flash Git unit and throwing murderous fire into Orks and enemy walkers. My army was less involved as zombies walked up to a middle 3 point objective, some Plague Marines camped a rear 2 point objective and the rest of my army hid behind the tall hills in the middle of the table, waiting patiently. Muhahaha.

Carter's Dark Eldar literally carved itself from the right side of the table and into the middle of the enemy's deployment zone. No Orks were left after about turn 3. The Ork psykers tried to do daemon summoning for those 3 turns but either rolled badly or got denied by my dice rolling. It was a bleak game for the Orks all around.

My Raider gave fire support until it, like Carter's gunboats, got blown to bits by the D-weapon blasts. When a giant stoopid looking metal Ork Gork thing came around the hill my Plague Marines sprang their trap and blew it up with  two well placed melta shots. With nothing else to do their Rhino sped towards the Super Heavy and the 4 point objective there.

Typhus's gang charged out of the Raider to finish off the last of the Soulgrinders with a Chainfist and Melta bombs. Then they charged the Super Heavy to help the Haywire Wyches. By this time the game was pretty much over, all that was left of the enemy was the Super Heavy after Turn 4. The Super Heavy survived to the end of the game, it started with 9 hull points and it had It Will Not Die. I mean, c'mon! Really? But I guess that is the price you pay for spending so much on one unit, you just don't have enough models to challenge the rest of the board.

Game Two. Team Carter-Uktena are in the hats. Carter is the good looking one. Chaos Pat far left.
Picture courtesy SMG Hinkel.
Team Carter-Uktena win.
Carter-Uktena =  13 (slain warlord, line breaker, 11 objective VP points)
Chaos Pat-John = 2 (slain warlord, first blood)

Third Round: vs. The clock.
The first couple of rounds were not timed and so some games went on for 3 hours. The tournament was a laid back affair and nobody complained. Having fun was the objective for SMG's first 7th Edition tournament. So at the end of the day the third round was cancelled due to time getting late.

Winners: It's a tie!
Because of the cancelled last round the two undefeated teams did not get to square off against one another. The tournament was a tie between Team Carter-Uktena and Team Mike (of SMG) and Allan? (of SAWG).

It was a fun time. Much was learned about fighting Super Heavies and how the battlefield is changing in 7th. I had a blast. I got to team up with a cool teammate, he's a top notch player (I learned a lot), our armies meshed really well and we each won $25 McNarb Gaming gift certificates. Yeah, can't get much better than that.

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