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40K Rules Review: MURDERFANG



Wolf Brothers, Feast yo' Eyes Upon This....

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What? What? Did that read 135 points for a death train o' destruction!?
Yep. That is exactly what it said. A cheap aggressive model with so many special rules on it that it reminds me of the Chaos Space Marines Maluerfiend. Only this one has freak'n Relics of Murder on it. Makes me wonder if they put them on the wrong model in the wrong codex?

 OK, the comparison isn't perfect, because the Maulerfiend has Move Through Cover, a 12" move, ignores terrain and has Fleet. Murderfang is, unfortunately, much less maneuverable. I would have been happy if he had just gotten Fleet, but he didn't. What this means is that when taking Murderfang to battle a Drop Pod is an automatic buy for him; it is the only way you should ever try to deploy him unless you can find a way to give him Outflank.

OK, lets break it all down.

Looking pretty dared good except for BS - but this is Murderfang, he don't need it.

WS - He's rocking a venerable Dread's WS, nice. About where it should be as his volume of attacks will make up for any misses against equal or higher WS foes.
BS - All he will ever shoot is a storm bolter. A mean really? It's like a UFC champion throwing pebbles at his opponent before closing in for the whoop-ass.
Armor - Standard dreadnaught armor all around. He won't survive mid to high strength shooting for very long when standing around so get him into melee ASAP. Luckily you get to swing before most high strength chumps in melee so you can slaughter them before they swing. Don't worry too much about Monstrous Creatures, they only get one Smash now.
Initiative - Standard Dreadnaught Initiative.
Attacks - Double that of a Dreadnaught but he's only getting warmed up here. Couple that with Murderfang's Rage, Rampage and two close combat weapons and he is swinging 7+D3 on the charge! Murderlicous, indeed!
Hull Points - Standard Dreadnaught hull points which means he can easily be Glanced to death by shooty armies. Protect Murderfang from as many avenues of fire as possible.
Unit Type - Vehicle, Walker, Character. Yep, Murderfang is a psychopathic character. Challenge! 7th Edition is a good edition to challenge in.
Unit Composition - There is only one Murderfang so he's Unique. Bring Venerable Dreadnaughts with Storm Shields to accompany him for a glorious multiple Drop Pod drop kick to the face.

Murderlust - Alright, so he doesn't have Fleet but at least his psychopath tendencies keep him moving forward by ignoring those Shaken and Stunned results. I'll take it.

Options - Drop Pod as dedicated transport. Um, yes please! This is the only way to deliver Murderfang.

Wargear - Searchlight. OK, but where are the freaking Smoke Launchers? Did Murderfang forget them in a fit of homicidal delusions when he left home? Man, that hurts - those launchers could help him survive after he lands. I almost wonder if it was a typo leaving the launchers out?

Murderfang is chalk full of killy special rules to represent his homicidal wrath, let's take a look.
  • Furious Charge - Strength 8 on the charge.
  • It Will Not Die - Every little thing helps when trying to keep a Dreadnaught alive.
  • Rage - More attacks are always nice.
  • Rampage - +D3 attacks when outnumbered. Possibly the best of the special rules. You will most likely be outnumbered in every assault and this rule helps you Ginsu through them just that much more quicker.
Relics of the Fang - The Murderclaws - Giggity Giggity. Strength 7 (8 on the charge), AP 2, Master Crafted, Shread, Specialist Weapon. How sexy is that? Murderfang is going to carve up just about anything he can get his homicidal alien claws onto barring 10 Toughness or high Armor.

The Murderclaws come with a storm bolter and a heavy flamer. Yeah, whatever. At least you can hose down some chumps with flames the turn your Drop Pod lands. Be careful and don't flamer your way out of a good assault range.

Kicking Ass, Taking Names. Wolf Style.
Murderfang Tactica
I kind of hesitate to comment on tactica being as the codex is still not here, so I will just comment on the more obvious tactics.

Murderfang is too danged slow to deploy in any manner except for a drop pod. When he arrives from reserves do your best to keep him hidden from as much torrent of fire as possible. Target saturation helps a heap here, drop him with other pods and have lots of angry, fast Wolves charging from their side of the board.

Remember that Murderfang does NOT have smoke launchers so try and get him some cover for a 5++ at the very least. Or better yet place him behind some Venerable Dreadnaughts. Oh yeah, I like that! Your opponent can choose to ignore the Venerables to kill Murderfang but if they do that they still have two pissed off Old Dreads, with 3++, in their face.

This looks like something I would want in my Wolf army and probably can't live without. Christmas is coming soon, isn't it?

Murderfang, Drop Pod
Venerable Dreadnaught, Storm Shield, Drop Pod
Venerable Dreadnaught, Storm Shield, Drop Pod

This is assuming Venerable Dreadnaughts can still take drop pods and I don't see why they shouldn't? Also, take into account that I am bias towards fast, aggressive assault armies. 7th Edition is not bad for assault armies especially when you factor in that vehicles are good again. Also, it appears that GW is including more and more assault oriented type units/transports/abilities with each new codex. I'm liking it!

Another tactical option would be to land a Rune Priest near Murderfang and pop Invisibility on him. Problem is that you might not roll it. I'm anxious to see if any of the new Space Wolf psychic powers can lend a hand at helping Murderfang survive.

Until next time, Wolf Brothers, keep up the good fight!

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